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For Agile and Scrum practitioners, this timer application allows to facilitate daily stand-up meetings, round table discussions, and efficiently manage timeboxes.

How does it work?

  1. Select the duration of your daily stand-up meeting.

  2. Select the number of participants attending the daily stand-up meeting.

  3. Start your daily stand-up meeting.

In this case, each participant gets a 3-minute time slot.

When a participant is done, the participant timer is reset to the initially allotted time.

When all participants are done, the time remaining can be used for open discussions.

Why did we develop _agilely Timer?

"Timebox" is a key principle within Agile approaches. We define timeboxes to squeeze Agile teams in order to bring the best value or the best decisions they can handle in a given and fixed period of time. The _agilely Timer application can be used in any meetings or even during pair working. It can adapt to any durations and any number of participants.

The best example of Agile meetings is the so called "daily stand-up meeting" or "daily scrum". It is very difficult to keep this meeting short (typically 15 minutes). So the Agile coach (or ScrumMaster) is often in charge of keeping an eye on time, which may distract him from the content of the meeting. Using a timer like _agilely Timer helps him to remain focused on the main purpose of the daily stand-up meeting: quality of the discussions between team members (and certainly not the time).

Let the tool handle time! Let the coach handle teams!